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Bardstown Bourbon Discovery Series No. 10 750ml

Bardstown Discovery Series highlights the Art of Blending, creating exciting expressions that together are greater than the sum of its parts. Through artfully combining rare and exemplary whiskies we discover from all over the world, this series pushes the boundaries of innovation by creating completely unique flavor profiles and styles. Each release gives you something new to discover.

Bardstown Bourbon Discovery Series No. 5 750ml

Bardstown Bourbon Discovery Series No. 5 is four aged straight bourbon whiskies blended to create a smooth and unique expression. Ripe, vibrant cherry over rich caramel and roasted marshmallow is accented by a touch of orange zest in this welcoming bouquet. The smooth mouthfeel is enhanced by light tannins from the rare, aged expressions that lead to a wonderfully warming finish. 104.7 Proof